TV Series Composer

Theme Composer 

NBC Network Logo
Caroline in the City
The Naked Truth
Boston Common
Good Morning Miami
The Fighting Fitzgeralds
The Tony Danza Show
Go Fish
The Good Life
Someone Like Me
One of the Boys
Yo Yogi
The Rerun Show
CBS Network Logo
Dave’s World
King of Queens
Ladies Man
The Stones
Double Rush
Can’t Hurry Love
The Boys Are Back
Sugar & Spice
Good Advice
The Boys
Work With Me
ABC Network Logo
According to Jim
Less Than Perfect
Regular Joe
The Geena Davis Show
Oh Grow Up
Talk to Me
Hudson Street
It’s All Relative
Brother’s Keeper
The Secret Lives of Men
That’s Life
A Whole New Ballgame
Blue Skies
Camp Wilder
Living Dolls
The Charmings
Fox Network Logo
Holding the Baby
My Wildest Dreams
Flying Blind
Vinnie & Bobby
Rachel Gunn, R.N.
UPN Logo
Head Over Heals
One On One
Grown Ups
The WB
Kelly Kelly
The O’Keefes
You’re the One
Movie Stars
Alright Already
What I Like About You
Unhappily After Ever
The Army Show
Rude Awakening