When plans go awry

By Jonathan Wolff

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Made a new friend recently—a wonderful, energetic, talented guy named Kelly Cardenas who (in addition to many other things) hosts a really awesome podcast. 

Some podcasters (to add production value) use fancy post-interview tricks like slick audio edits and post-added sound effects/music. Not this dude—his podcast is real talk recorded and posted in realtime. Excellent. I was excited to be his guest.

As soon as I signed on to his podcast platform, I started having computer/camera/mic problems. Ugh. None of this was Kelly’s fault. He calmly suggested that I switch to my iPhone to do the interview. Although the phone feed looked and sounded like, well.. a cellphone, we started the interview and it worked OK. Until it didn’t.

During the interview, my phone kept disconnecting. Ugh. A lesser host would have simply rescheduled the podcast for another date (or jump cut my dropouts in post). Again, not this dude—during those moments when I disappeared, Kelly kept the conversation going beautifully without me until I could log back in. Very impressive, Sir.  In audio form, a listener might not even notice the persistent tech issues. But check out this podcast video (where you can see each time I lost connection.

Despite the snafus, this is one of my fave interviews ever.. with my new friend Kelly.


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