Don’t Take My Word For It!

…take theirs!


It was our pleasure to serve you and hear your stories. Thanks for giving back to students with your experiences, there is only so much that they can hear from an old ‘road dog’ like me and some of the staff and professors around here. If we can ever assist you in any way, just Continue Reading

Rusty King Production & Facilities Manager

I am a tenured Associate Professor, teaching music production at Belmont University. I recently saw your presentation at the Belmont event. Your career is very inspiring and it is great that you are now giving back to others!

Dr. David Tough Music Production Professor

You were great! Of course, they’re always excited when they have an opportunity to meet with a successful pro, but I made sure to follow up with them on the main practical messages you had for them – work hard on your musical chops, develop a diverse and large skill set, network and develop relationships, Continue Reading

Dr. Robert Spittal Professor of Music

I have had several students tell me that your lecture was the most beneficial of the guest lectures that we have had at Bellarmine. I agree %100!!

Dave Clark Head of the Jazz Studies Program

Social Media

You were fabulous!! That was the fastest 90 minutes that I’ve experienced in a long time. You are a gifted communicator and we all benefited by being there. Watching you play that piano was incredibly special for me. Come back and do it again next year.

Lynn Morrow Adams and Reese LLP

I really enjoyed your talk/show at Belmont last night, you have a great story and you presented it in a very interesting way.

Bill Stevens SESAC

As Ben Bradlee said about Norman Lear, an evening with you should be bottled and consumed regularly. We so enjoyed it.

Kent Grizzel

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Your enthusiasm for what you do is contagious and I think your words of advice will prove invaluable to the students who were smart enough to attend your sessions. As a person with no music ability whatsoever, I learned a lot about the tremendous technical skill required for success in Continue Reading

Bill Lee SESAC

We have not stopped talking about your show. Your energy on stage was amazing and to see YOU doing what you were born to do was just a gift for me.I sat there mesmerized. What a thrill. And I learned so much from you – especially regarding the quality of relationships in the entertaining field.

Joanna Cameron (The Trance Lady)