Don’t Take My Word For It!

…take theirs!

“Thank you, thank you for giving such an amazing tea, delighting everyone with your incredible story and song, and being so incredibly kind and patient to each individual student who lingered to talk with you and ask counsel and advice. I enjoyed every minute myself, felt lucky to be there, and could have spent much more time listening to you talk and play.

And thank you as well for coming to Fellows and taking part, again with such patience and interest. You were so generous and terrific. Please think of me if you are around in future.”

Penelope Laurans
Senior Adviser at Yale University Head of Jonathan Edwards College, retired

“Great to meet you yesterday in my Sudler classroom. The business you talked about is something the Yale students really need to hear. I love the Spanish language bid for the Lottery Account! Awesome idea. My students have often heard me lecture them that the goal is Get out of the Big Pile!”

Richard Gard
Yale School of Music

“Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your dynamic and compelling presentations during your Yale visit with us. You did a very fine & terrific job and at each session the students were clearly engaged – and their teachers were, too!”

Kathryn Alexander
Prof. of Composition & Music Technology Department of Music Yale University

“Thanks so much for speaking to my class and Richard’s. It was a great presentation. I just wish we had had more time! If you have any time and would like to test drive the Hammond or any of the other vintage keys, let me know- you have a free lifetime pass!”

Jack Vees Director
Center for Studies in Music Technology Yale School of Music

“Many thanks to Jonathan Wolff for a fascinating lecture at Yale University this morning! Mr. Wolff will also be presenting a Composition Seminar at Yale tomorrow afternoon, providing two valuable new additions to the OHAM archives.”

Libby Van Cleve
Director Oral History of American Music at Yale University